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hAPPY NEW 2021....& March

Oh Gosh!! It has been 6 months since we last blogged! Time lies and it has been a crazy & highly unpredictable and challenging year for us and for most of the world. We have been very blessed to have such incredible warm and encouraging support from our Eggless fans, customers and crew over the past 12 months to still be able to continue to keep our cafe open. THANK YOU!!

Since Oct last year, we have served up countless desserts with some interested new creations and good old ones. We had Christmas themed desserts as well as Valentines event for couples. And last month in Feb, we had an Asian inspired menu to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Ox.

Now it's March again and this month's menu is full of comforting desserts that we know and love at Eggless...with Banana Puffs, Pandan Custard Cake and Death by Chocolate back on the menu. There are also some new desserts on offer showcasing Autumny flavours. Click onto our March menu to check it out.

Its great, and very lucky to live in South Australia where life is pretty much normal and we are still able to get out and enjoy the events and outdoors. Supporting local businesses is so important in keeping things going, so get out of the house, enjoy the fringe and what SA people, businesses and environment can offer!!!

Stay Safe & Take Care of Each Other!!


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