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It's Christmas time!!

We just love this magical time of the year! The food, the pretty lights and decorations, the atmosphere and not to mention, the act of giving. Our December dessert menu is full of festive flavours, but not the traditional Christmasy desserts which you can enjoy anywhere. It's only 3 weeks of this menu as we will be taking our Christmas-New Year break from the 22nd Dec. So be quick!

Have you seen our Christmas decorations? We are also participating in Goodwood Road Christmas decorations competition. So please vote for us here:

You might just also win yourself a prize!

In the gift of giving...this month's all our tips are donated to the Bush Fire Appeal, to help those in need in the recent NSW & QLD bushfires. Please tip us generously if you feel that we are doing a good job.

Lastly, we would like to wish everyone a Wonderful, Safe Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!!

See you in 2020!!

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