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Thank you for a fantastic 10 Eggless years!!!

To all our wonderful customers new and old, Thank you for your support over the past 10 years!!! It has been a fantastic journey, from humble beginnings with armchairs and no queues to a rowdy and lively atmosphere both instore and outside waiting. We are very blessed to have such generous and supportive customers for our little cafe, especially all the regular, familiar faces which we look forward to see every time. We look forward to be making more delicious desserts and

providing that friendly service for the many many more years to come!!

And of course, to our Eggless staff, past and present, Thank you so very much for all your hardwork, dedication, dessert tummies and energy that you have put into our cafe to help make it what it is today. You guys will always be in our hearts and Eggless family!!

Most importantly, to our family, our greatest gratitude and appreciation. Without their unrelentless support both in house and behind the scenes, Eggless wouldn't have been possible.


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