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Durian is in the House!!!

Durian is back at Eggless!! The last time we made Durian Sticky Rice was back in 2015, it's back on our July menu!!! Warm sticky rice, with a durian centre, served with coconut cream, palm sugar syrup, roasted peanuts, young coconut and our house churned durian ice cream...perfect for durian lovers out there!!

So...we apologise for the pungent smell in the cafe the durian brings during the duration of this month's menu...

Of course, for everybody else, there are other delightful desserts instore for you! This month we are also serving up Molten Jaffa Pudding and also a gorgeous Gingerbread cake with Roasted Rhubarb. Click onto our July menu to see what we are cooking in the Eggless kitchen!

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