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Both Ken and Eelin were born overseas, grew up in Adelaide and met during high school. They loved to go out to eat with friends and hang out at cafes to chat their university days away. They both thought that it would be a dream to one day have their own cafe, so that other people could also have a nice place to hang out.

Eelin's parents are lacto-vegetarians and have found it a struggle to find food places who cater for people that don't eat eggs, gelatine and animal rennet, especially when it comes to cakes and desserts. So with years of baking and learning from her grandma, aunties and mum, Eelin and her mum would bake and create their own cakes and desserts. Hence, with Eelin's obesession in desserts and baking and Ken's love of food and sociable nature, (and both being night owls), Eggless Dessert Cafe was born!

But it hasn't been easy creating desserts without eggs and gelatine. There were many (and still are many) trials and errors using various substitutes to create the flavours and textures needed to make the desserts look and taste good. Eelin and Ken will often travel abroad to search and experience various desserts and ingredients in other countries and cultures, which often influence their menu creations.

Eelin and Ken's biggest dream is to be able to open a Eggless Dessert Cafe in every state of Australia, so that where ever you are, you can still find a familiar place. They are still finding the right people to make this happen. So until then, we look forward to seeing you at our little dessert cafe in Goodwood!

Illustrations by Elaine Chen for CityMag

The Eggless Story continues...

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